It’s Electric brings the science and history of electricity to life through an introduction to the types and uses of electricity.

Visit interactive stations to 

  • Become a human battery 
  • Operate a telegraph using Morse code 
  • Handle a plasma tube 
  • Discover if you are attracted to magnets   
  • And more 

Illuminate your mind further as you learn about the backgrounds of electricity innovators who have impacted our daily lives.  

Tesla Coil 

The star of It’s Electric. Whether you’ve never seen a Tesla coil in action or if you’ve seen it several times, you can’t miss this spectacle. Watch as this complex mechanism transmits electricity wirelessly, through the air, creating a breathtaking burst of electric current.  

Check with staff the day of your visit for show times. 

A black and white photo of a hispanic man with a mustache wearing a suit, sweater, and tie. He is standing in front of a wall of gears and mechanics.
Inventor of the Color-Wheel Color TV
Guillermo González Camarena
A black and white photo of an elderly white woman in a high ranking miltary uniform and hat. She is wearing glasses and has her arms closed. The American flag is hanging behind her.
Inventor of One of the First Computers, Harvard Mark I
Grace Hopper
A black and white photo of a middle aged white woman. She is smiling, wearing glasses, and has a shawl around her shoulders. The image is cropped to just her portrait and the edge of the image fades to a circular grey gradient
Inventor of Toys and Games for Girls
Janese Swanson
An old black and white photo of a black man with glasses and a mustache. He is wearing a jacket and suit.
Inventor of the Carbon Filament Light Bulb
Lewis Latimer
A black and white photo of a middle aged white woman looking to the left of the image while facing forward. She is wearing a white lab coat and is seated.
Inventor of Home Heating System Powered by Solar Energy
Maria Telkes
A black and white photo of a black woman. She is looking kindly at the viewer, has short cropped hair, round earrings and a multi strand necklace.
Inventor of Home Video Security
Marie Van Brittan Brown
Group of people touching a cage surrounding a tesla coil at the Fleet Science Center
Adult man and young boy look up at a moving electric exhibit with a large hexagon mural in the background at the Fleet Science Center
Two young strawberry blonde girls look up at an electricity display on a wall at the Fleet Science Center
Young blonde boy experimenting with an old fashioned electrical device surrounded by wood and glass at the Fleet Science Center

This exhibition is generously funded by The Kiwanis Club of San Diego and the San Diego Kiwanis Club Foundation.

Esta exposición incluye descripciones en español.

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